Hi-Vis Misting Vest
Hi-Vis Misting Vest
Hi-Vis Misting Vest
Hi-Vis Misting Vest

Hi-Vis Misting Vest

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This is a game-changer! Now you can beat the heat and keep cool while working outdoors in hot environments. Our Hi-Vis Vest comes with the PCS (Personal Cooling System) unit fully installed. Our multi-directional adjustable mist nozzle cools down temperatures by as much as 30°F degrees, greatly extending outdoor activities and making temperature control as easy as pressing a button! Adding more water is easy. Just reach back, unscrew the fill cap and pour a bottle of water into the 1L reservoir. 

Dehydration is extremely prevalent when working in a hot environment. With the Hi-Vis Hydration Pack, you can walk into a refreshing cool mist at all times.

 ExtremeMist™ PCS pump can be used anywhere, in and out of the vest, as an easy way to beat the heat on the move. Need additional cooling in larger areas? Add our Quad Hose/Nozzle Kit.

PCS Features: 

Water Usage:


Approx. Water Usage

Lowest Speeds

1.5 to 2.5 cups/hour

Medium Speeds

2.5 to 5 cups/hour

Highest Speeds

5 to 6.5 cups/hour

Weight: 2 LBS 8 OZ
Measurements: 27" L     

Vest Features:  

Material: Ultra-Cool 100% Polyester mesh 
Color: Yellow with reflective strips

Compartments/pockets: 6
Reservoir: 1L




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