PCS Quad Nozzle Attachment Kit
PCS Quad Nozzle Attachment Kit

PCS Quad Nozzle Attachment Kit

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Use the ExtremeMist PCS out of the pack. This versatile multi-nozzle kit can operate a string of 1 to 4 mist nozzles, and is powered by your PCS Pump! "Self-Trim" to fit your projects. Attach to Golf carts, UTV's, EZ-Ups, Tents, Canopies, Boats, Campers, Trees, or anywhere else you can think of to provide a misty cool environment. Awesome for locations where there is no power or a garden hose available. Drop the feed hose in any water vessel.

*PCS Pump is needed to operate the Quad Nozzle Kit. (Sold separately)


 4 nozzles

 4 L-connectors

 3 T quick disconnect fitting

 1 quick disconnect elbow

 16' of mist hose

 4' feed line hose

 12 attachment clips

 Drink safe hoses & fittings


 Clip around tent openings

 Attach to off-road vehicles

 Attach to Bimini tops on boats

 Beach umbrellas

 Chaise/lounge chairs


 Lawn mowers


 Use your imagination!

See the User Manual for easy installation instructions.

*Quad nozzle/hose kit shown

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